Jack of all trades

who’s this guy?

Co-creator/director/producer/co-star of The Adventures of Luke and Joe, occasionally viral social media curmudgeon, musician, Do Everything Yourselfer Ashcraft Geiiga McGonigal has been around making stuff on the internet since modems made a noise.

A podcast/microblog/blog in 1999? Yep. Ash did that. Audio storytelling in 2003. Streaming cartoon in 2007. A viral marketing campaign in 2014 that hit late night network TV and the Wall Street Journal with a three-figure marketing budget. Since then, Ash has been a consultant for local business. At every stage he’s been awarded for excellence.

Ash in front of a mural in Lawrence KS


where do i find him?

Ash is pretty easy to get in touch with. On all the social medias, either as Ash McGonigal or Geiiga, you can reach him.

For small business

One call to get you set up. Web, social media, audio, video. Ash has experience getting clients in the door who are excited to do business with you.

For Musicians

If you’re looking for a guitarist/vocalist/songwriter/man with a van to join your show or your band, there’s a good chance you’ll get a yes. If you’re looking for a guy to help you come up with a concept and execution for a music video, that chance gets even better.

For Everyone

Ash has a fascinating biography and a unique outlook on the world, which he’s happy to share whether you’re interested or not. “Kind,” “patient,” and “reasonable” are the big words in the word cloud when you put all of the reviews he’s received together.


The web is fracturing. Facebook’s popularity is waning, Twitter is burning to the ground, Reddit seems to be close behind. “Enshittification” (h/t Cory Doctorow) is the word of the day, as platforms feel like they have their customers and vendors locked in and can extract more and more while offering less and less.

That means it’s a new day for those who can move fast. Ash has decades of experience with staying ahead of the curve in times of change and can help you do the same.



Ash directing on set circa 2007


Luke and Joe link

A collection of old photos and artwork as I feel fit to upload it.