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Ash McGonigal is an innovator and an artist. A pioneer in internet content creation, Ash launched his first site, consisting of what would come to be called a microblog, a blog, and podcast, in 1999. In 2003, The Adventures of Luke and Joe was first produced as an audio show featuring Ash as producer, director, co-creator, co-star, co-writer, and; and in 2007 it launched as an episodic video series, winning honors at film festivals in the US and abroad.

After the release of Luke and Joe Get Lost, the feature film that represents the latest installment in the series, Ash turned his focus on his family and consulting work with small businesses to meet their technical and marketing needs, earning local renown both for solid advice and for being easy to work with.

While working as a consultant Ash has also been sharpening his skills in audio/visual production, and in 2023 began recording and releasing original music to showcase his skills as a singer and a songwriter.

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Let’s just say it: If you’re a small fish trying to swim in a big pond, Ash is the guy you want.

  • Technical expertise- With years of experience in both A/V and information technology, Ash has unparalleled knowledge bringing these worlds together. He can design custom solutions for any problem to streamline your workflow from idea to product.
  • Expert troubleshooter- Everything breaks, and usually it does so at the worst possible time. Having Ash around means quick troubleshooting and a fix or a workaround implemented fast.
  • Video Production- From storyboarding to scheduling to delivering a finished project, Ash has a proven record of being able to hit almost any budget and deliver quality content fast. 
  • Proven leadership- With experience and success running a crew as large as 25 people, Ash is a valuable member of any team as a leader or role player.

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Are you another independent artist/creator looking for a collaborator in the Kansas City/Lawrence/Topeka area or virtually? Let’s do it!

  • Backstage or onstage- Ash has been awarded for both acting and directing; for technical expertise; and he writes, performs and produces his own music. If you’re one person short on your project, chances are Ash is a good fit.
  • Internet presence- Ash has created multiple viral internet moments, earning offline mentions on late night network TV and the Wall Street Journal.
  • Teddy bear demeanor- Nobody wants to work with a jerk. Ash’s own mother-in-law has called him “the most reasonable man in the world.” 

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